Nursery Three

P. H. E.

(1a) What is first Aid?

(1b) Mention (4) four items found in the first Aid box?.

Basic _science.

(1a) What is Air?

(1b) List (5)five common sources of water?.


(1a) What is fraction?

(1b) Court and write numbers in words from (21)Twenty _one to (50) Fifty.


(1a) What is the full meaning of C P U?

(1b) State (4) types of input devices?


(1a) What is a verb?

(1b) Mention (5) five examples of verbs?.


(1a) List (2)two function of the Nose?

(1b) List (2)two types of hair?


(1a) What is Plants? (2) Mention some of the parts of typical plants?

C C A.

(1) What is folktales?

(1b) What is story?.

Social Studies

1a What is Drugs? 

(1b) state (5)five types of Drugs?

Civic _education.

(1a) What is sanitation?

(1b) Mention (2)two materials needed for keeping our surroundings clean?.