Primary Four

Computer Studies

(1a) Describe the keyboard?

(1b) List (5)five sections of the keyboard?.

P H E.

Define recreation?

(1b) List (5)five places for recreation?.

English _studies.

(1)  outline (5) five examples of /s/ and /z/ consonant sounds word?


(1a) Find the square root of each of the following numbers. 15, 18, 23, 25. (1b) divide (➗) 8903 by 7.


(1a) explain civic _education? (1b) Mention (3)three components of civic__education?.

C C A.

(1a)  _______________ in music means single sound heard one after the other? (a)sound (b)Melody (c) Chorus. (1b) Complete this song?

Twinkle, Twinkle ___________, ____________________________, ____________________________.

Basic Science

1a. Define domestic animal?

1b. List out (10)ten domestic animals.

Social Studies

1a. Who is a leader?

1b. State (5)five roles of religion organizations in development.

Agricultural Science

1a. Define pest with (5)five examples.

1b. State (2)two things pest can do.

Christian Religion Knowledge

1a. Mention the gift presented to Jesus by the wise men.

1b. Outline (4)four weapons to fight the devil.

Home Economics

1a. Define kitchen hygiene.

1b. List (5)five items in the kitchen.