Primary One


Go to page 40-41unit in your mathematics textbook subtract all the exercise 1 and 2

English language

What is monosyllabic?  give ten examples of monosyllabic words and bi-syllabic words.

Home Economic

What is home? And list the rooms in the house.

Basic science

What is harmful substance? List any five harmful substance.

Agricultural science

State uses of these following





Christian Religion knowledge

Mention any five disciples of jesus

Computer Science

What is liquid dispenser?

State 2 uses of liquid dispenser

Social Studies

1. What is storage

2.list five things that we can store

Physical and health education

1a. What is first aid

1b. List five items in the first aid.

Civic Education

1a. What is community?

1b. List two types of community

Creative and cultural Art

1a What is dance?

1b.Name two kinds of dance in our locality.