Primary Three


(1a) Circle the improper fractions 2/3, 3/4, 4/3, 9/2, 7/8, 10/9, 11/9, 4/10, 8/5, 675,.

(1b) Change these following fraction to Mixed numbers. (i)5/2(ii)9/4(iii)26/5 (iv)7/3 (v)18/11..

English language.

(1a) What is an Adjective?

(1b) List (5) five examples of Adjective?


(1a) Name two (2) material that can be used for print making.

(1b) Name three (3) kinds of drawing?

Agriculture Science.

(1a) List out the factors of production?

(1b) Explain land and money as factors of production?.

Basic _science.

(1a)  What is garden?

(1b) List five(5) garden tools?

Computer Studies.

(1b) What is computer hardware?

(1b) List four input devices?

P H E.

(1a) What is football?

(1b) List three skills in football?


(1a) What is forgiveness of sin?

(1b) The prodigal son wasted all that he got from his father and began to ________________?

Home _economics.

(1a) What are snacks?

(1b) List two types of snacks? 

Social Studies.

(1a) What is saving?

(1b) List ways of saving?

Civic _education.

(1a) State three (3) responsibilities of parents to their children?

(1b) What is civic value?.